In April, McKinsey and Company warned that we are facing an innovation crisis at a time when it is more important than ever before. According to their report, over 90% of executives expect the pandemic to significantly impact how their organizations do business over the next couple of years. Also, a similar number believe the crisis will have a lasting effect on their customers.


To adapt effectively to these changes, organizations must become more innovative. They also need to learn how to unlock the potential of their employees. Unfortunately, innovation can be hard to achieve, especially since it requires a lot of commitment, resources, and insight. According to a study by Nielsen, the success of an organization’s innovation efforts is not coincidental. It requires a deliberate effort to disrupt the innovation processes and improve the efficiency of its operations. If you’re serious about fostering employee innovation, here are a few ideas to get started.


Be Customer-Focused

Like most things in life, compromises always need to be made to get the most out of a product or service. The small space between good and great can allow organizations to develop new ideas. A well-defined understanding of the customer experience can help them identify areas where their products could improve.


A study revealed that the most successful innovations are those that help people overcome their daily struggles. They also challenge the reasons behind the non-use or consumption of a product.


According to Forbes, culture is the secret sauce that enables organizations to be more innovative. It can help them create a superior customer experience and keep up with the changes in the market. Putting the customer at the center of everything that they do is also a great strategy for continuous innovation.


Creating a more customer-focused culture involves regularly sharing feedback and insights, as well as linking the needs of customers to the company’s vision and culture.


Provide Opportunities to Innovate

One of the most important factors that employers should consider when it comes to fostering innovation is having a diverse pool of talent. According to studies, having a diverse team can help them develop new ideas and improve the efficiency of their operations.


One of the most effective ways to encourage innovation is by allowing employees to take time off to focus on their personal projects. This is a great way to boost employee engagement and encourage them to develop new ideas.


Prioritize Action

One of the most common ways to discourage people from being innovative is by telling them to do nothing with their ideas. Although it’s never guaranteed that a new idea will be successful, it’s important to nurture and build on these ideas.


Various forms of activities can also be taken to encourage innovation. One of these is by planning a series of workshops or discussions. Reaching out to customers to get their feedback on ideas, as well as inviting people to present their concepts to a larger group, are also great options.


Focus on Intrapreneurship

According to Steve Jobs, you don’t hire people to tell others what to do. Instead, you hire smart individuals to help you do what needs to be done. Entrepreneurs are individuals who develop new businesses and ideas within an organization.


An intrapreneurship program is a great way to provide employees with a clear path to pursue their ideas, as well as show them that you are serious about their potential. The program is typically run by a team of coaches or mentors, who help participants create a more tangible product. They also provide support in other areas of product development.


Companies can tap into the potential of their employees by encouraging intrapreneurship. This can also help motivate people to work on new ventures while leveraging the resources and capabilities of established organizations.