Being a great leader is only possible if you are a great communicator. The key to becoming a good communicator is not what has been taught in the academic world. Instead, it is what has been learned from our earliest years.


We are taught to focus on ourselves, which is why many people cannot communicate effectively. One of the most important traits that leaders need to develop to become great communicators is their ability to develop an external awareness. When you look at the world’s most prominent leaders, you’ll see they are all exceptional communicators. They can talk about their ideas in a way that is both effective and relatable to their audience. They know that if their audience does not take their message seriously, it will not be understood.


You can tell when your skills have progressed to the point where you are good enough to be considered a great communicator by how you interact with others. The following principles will help you become a better communicator.


Be Trustworthy

Most people will not open up to people they don’t trust. When they feel that a leader is worthy of their trust, they will invest time and resources in ways they would not have done for someone who had a poor reputation or lack of integrity. Although it is possible to demand that a leader be trustworthy, it is rarely successful. Trust is best earned through the right decision-making and acting.


Make it Personal

Instead of issuing corporate communications, start having conversations about your organization’s goals and culture. One of the most important factors that leaders need to consider when it comes to developing effective communication strategies is the level of personal connection they have with their audience. If you don’t build meaningful relationships with your audience, then you will never know what’s on their minds.


Be Specific

Having a clear and concise message is always better than having a confusing or complicated one. It is also important for leaders to learn how to hit the high points of their conversations.


Focus on What You Can Give

The best communicators are able to gather information while they are communicating, and they are also capable of delivering ideas and inspiring actions. 


Be Open Minded

The most limiting factor when it comes to new opportunities is the rigidity of a closed mind. A leader can take their game to a whole new level when they open their mind and seek out those who hold opposing views.



Great leaders know when it’s time to dial it up when it’s time to dial it down, and when it’s time to dial it off. While it’s not always the best idea to simply broadcast your message ad nauseum, it’s important to remember that the best form of discourse occurs within a conversation.


Be Empathetic

When leaders are able to communicate their candor and genuineness, good things will begin to happen. Unlike those who try to communicate with a carefully crafted facade, empathetic communicators are able to show a level of transparency and authenticity that is not present in other people.