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About David Krulewich

David Krulewich is a digital marketing professional who specializes in internet audio streaming. As of now, David Krulewich is the Chief Revenue Officer of Audiohook, a leading media and technology company. He previously served the Senior Vice President and Head of Sales for Audiology, a company representing the most extensive digital audio marketplace in the United States. David and his team collaborated with large brands, agencies, trading desks, and DSPs to connect consumers and promote their stories using audio, the fastest growing medium for communication and entertainment.

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David’s background has always been in the communications field. David started his career as an account service representative for Turner Entertainment Networks in New York after graduating from Penn State with a bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications.

As an Account Service Representative at Turner Entertainment Networks in New York City. David began to build relationships with media buyers and agencies such as OMD, Mediavest, and Mediacom. He was in charge of over $40 million in revenue and developed tailored advertising programs to suit advertiser target demographics. After a few years, David accepted an offer to be an Account Executive for 24/7 Real Media. Here, David Krulewich began to shine in the digital marketing space and where he increased his portfolio of media contacts. David’s consultative approach towards selling involved a collaboration with the in-house media strategy department. This all-inclusive, creative environment produced problem-solving ideas that used first-party data and early behavioral targeting approaches.                                                                                                                                                   

While employed as a Sales Executive with Interclick (later acquired by Yahoo!), David Krulewich formed strategic alliances with local agencies and third-party distributors. Heading his own team, David stood forth as a natural leader immediately. In addition to meeting revenue targets, David broadened his network of advertisers and other significant players in the digital sales and marketing industry.

David’s next venture was as the Senior Sales Manager in charge of Strategic Accounts for the Media & Data Group of Connexity, Inc. (later acquired by Taboola). David spent several years securing career-long relationships with companies such as British giant WPP, Omnicom, and Time, Inc. As a leader, David skillfully managed his own sales team, meeting all financial goals as well as the management by objective (MBO) targets set by the company. David was also instrumental in the direction of Shopzilla, which began as a comparison-shopping website called Bizrate.com. Under David’s guidance, the company changed its name from Shopzilla to Connexity and followed a refresh branding campaign.

To learn more about David and his career, follow his other websites, davidkrulewich.net and davidkrulewich.org!

David Krulewich