Practically every sector of work requires meetings from time to time.

Meetings are a place to discuss job operations and communicate with a team. If performed effectively, the ability to run meetings is an important skill that smooths out internal work processes. The following tips and information will ensure that a team meeting is fruitful and productive.


Well Run Meetings Have a Meeting Agenda

It is important that the people attending the meeting know what the meeting is about. Create a meeting agenda to communicate the purpose of the meeting and key points.

Make sure the meeting is necessary! Do not call a team together just for them to hear something that can be put in an e-mail. A meeting should foster discussion and collaboration that would not happen over text.


Well Run Meetings Promote Engagement and Discussion

If there is no engagement or discussion, ideas will not flow. Maximizing the team’s individual and diverse ways of thinking leads to creative ideas and solutions. Team members need to be focused and engaged. They also need to feel safe to share their thoughts.

Technology can be distracting. To keep the attention of those in the meeting, it is wise to designate a single notetaker who records on their laptop. Advise other members to leave their technology behind. If the meeting is virtual, utilize chat options or ask the team to keep their camera on if they are able.

To maximize conversation, make sure the group is comfortable with sharing their ideas! Do not be too domineering in facilitation and do not aggressively shut down a team member’s idea. There are many ways to improve engagement, such as asking questions and actively including introverts.


Well Run Meetings Construct Results

The purpose of a meeting is to get work done! Make sure the team is staying on track. Do not get caught up on details that are minuscule. Achieve the point of the meeting. If the purpose was to come up with a plan, come up with plans. If the purpose was to decide something, push for a decision.

When the meeting is done, be sure to send out a meeting recap to the team.